A Complete Guide to Spring Clips

A Complete Guide to Spring Clips

In the world of tools, hundreds of different tools are used to perform specific functions. Tools and equipment are used in all sorts of professions. Various tools include bolt, chisel, axe, saw, scissors, drill, tape measure, pliers, screwdrivers, hacksaw, anvil, stepladder, nail, hammer, etc. Keeping these organized in one place is a significant challenge for any person associated with using these tools.

Generally, tool boards in different varieties stack these tools in one place, so they are visible and accessible. The use of spring clips is common to hang the devices on the tool boards. This article will provide all the necessary information regarding spring clips, so you can also easily organize your tools!

What are Spring Clips?

Spring clips, also known as Terry clips, are a type of clip useful for holding cylindrical objects. They can be attached or disconnected from the tool board by simply pushing or pulling them out of the hole on the board. Spring clips are made into a U-shape, with an opening on the flat surface to quickly move it into the board or by using a screwdriver. They are trendy owing to the countless advantages they provide.

Spring Clips Material

Spring clips are manufactured using two primary materials.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used to manufacture spring clips, as it prevents corrosion, provides a better grip for the tools, and is comparatively sturdier. Vinyl and nylon can be used as a coating to minimize scrapes and scratches.


Plastic is also widely used for making spring or terry clips, as it is lightweight and less expensive. Its affordability makes it accessible to all kinds of professions. Furthermore, plastic is an excellent insulator of electricity, so it is extensively used in the electrical Industry.

Types of Spring Clips

Various spring clips are available that are useful for different tasks and occupations. The following are the several types of spring clips easily found in the market:

  • R-Clip
  • Linchpin
  • Flat Spring Clip
  • Small Metal Spring Clip
  • Spring Button Clip
  • Command Spring Clip
  • Heavy-duty Terry Clip
  • Spring Hose Clip

Advantages of Spring Clips

There are innumerable incentives for using spring clips, which is why they are broadly used in different industries. They are preferred to hold tools because of their durability, despite being light in weight. They have a commendable grip on tools and keep them in place for however long is required.

They are simple in design and easy to handle in terms of attaching and detaching from the tool board. In addition, they are not costly and are affordable for anyone from any professional and financial background. The diversity in the types and materials of spring clips allows the users to choose the one perfect for the job expertly!

Bottom Line

Conclusively, spring clips come in different styles and types, which allows one to handpick the one suitable for any job! Their countless advantages and ease of maintenance make them sought after in all forms of work. Sub tools like spring clips have made life easier and help keep all the tools displayed safely in one place!